Physical Culture

Welcome to the IronMonastery!

This is the new online home of the IronDisciple.  I found myself fairly uninspired to continue updating the previous blog, and I decided it was because I wasn’t happy with the delivery method.

I envisioned my blog to be a cleanly laid out website that serves as an easy to navigate source of Physical Culture, Kettlebell, and Primal Nutrition info and discussions, and I felt that the previous one was rather jumbled.  I believe this one should serve my purposes well.

Some changes you’ll note:

  • Cleaner format (this one may be more of an opinion)
  • Posts consolidated into three categories:  Physical Culture, Primal Nutrition, Girevoy Sport
  • A more media rich flow of ideas:  I will incorporate occasional videos on this site
  • More frequent posts:  This is one I’ll need to commit to

I’ve imported all my previous content onto this blog, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!


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