Girevoy Sport

Latest Girevoy Sport Training

After a brief hiatus from Girevoy Sport training, I’ve now begun training in earnest for my first GS competition.  The hiatus consisted of two week blocks of max strength and explosive workouts aimed at providing a solid foundation for the Strength-Endurance training of the aspiring Girevik, and incorporated a variety of training implements besides the kettlebell.

I may have extended the hiatus overmuch and not given myself ample runway to adequately prepare for the competition on December 5th, but I will have to do the best I can.  I’m looking forward to the experience of having my first competition under my belt and learning from it as much as possible.

Previously my GS training consisted mostly of Escalating Density Training focusing on the double kettlebell Long Cycle Clean and Jerk.  I decided to focus on the Biathlon (Double Kettlebell Jerk and Single Kettlebell Snatch) for December’s competition and to utilize some of the training ideas I found in Scott Shetler’s book “Kettlebells for Sport, Strength and Fitness”

This book has a more conventional (at least to my mind) approach to GS training in which both lifts are practiced utilizing long, timed sets, and then each individual lift is refined on by adding supplemental lifts.

Supplemental Lifts (For instance):

  • Jerks – Single Arm Jerks with heavier bell, Jump Squats
  • Snatches – Swings with a heavier bell

In the interest of keeping myself in good shape and not burning out, I’m cycling with heavier bells and lighter bells throughout the week so that my training doesn’t consist of repeatedly slamming myself against the brick wall of my current limits.  I also have dispensed with the recommended bouts of long jogging.  I’ve never been a fan of long slow jogging, and prefer to sprint or do another sort of anaerobic training.  I don’t think the 10 minute sets of the Girevoy Sport require extra aerobic training specifically and I’ve noticed that the activities I engage in carry over nicely to aerobic pursuits.  In addition I throw in a few sets of pullups on my off-days in order to keep my pulling strength up to par.

The fuel for this training remains Primal.  I’ve had no issues with energy levels being low, and feel great.  More updates to come…


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