Primal Nutrition

Primal Nutrition Overview

I’ve gotten several questions about Primal eating and what that entails, so I figured I’d expand on the subject in a blogpost.

In a nutshell, humanity evolved as hunter-gatherers, and our bodies aren’t optimized to subsist on a diet made up primarily of grains and carbs.  If you imagine the average diet of the Paleolithic human you can see that the modern food pyramid was inverted, with the majority of our calories coming from protein and fat, and carbohydrates making up a very distant third.  Furthermore, the carbohydrates we did consume in that time were all natural, whereas the carbohydrates the typical modern diet consists of are usually refined.

I’ve attached a picture of the Primal Food Pyramid, courtesy of Mark Sisson’s excellent Primal website, Mark’s Daily Apple.

What eating in this manner results in is a very steady level of blood sugar.  When insulin spikes in your body, it signals your body to rapidly convert sugar into fat.  Maintaining a steady level of blood sugar helps maintain good body composition as well as a host of other benefits, not the least of which is avoiding insulin-resistance and Type II Diabetes.

The body will also transition from utilizing carbohydrates as its principle fuel source, to burning fat.  This is one of the benefits of Primal eating, but also often a tripping point to those new to the diet.  There is usually a transitioning phase where your body still hasn’t fully gotten used to the idea of using fat as its primary fuel, so you’ll suffer from a temporary lack of energy.  You have to push through this phase and not give in to the temptation to go back to grains and simple carbs.

In closing, just as every individual is genetically unique, I believe everyone responds to this diet to a different extent and at a different pace.  Some may take much longer to make the transition and some much shorter.  I’ve had amazing results on this diet but I can only truly speak for myself.  Also, I’d like to stress that this is a lifestyle change and not a short term crash diet with an end point.

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