Physical Culture

Bodyweight Exercises in the Park





A world class fitness facility is not a requirement for a good workout.  In the video embedded below I’ve demonstrated several exercises conducted with minimal equipment and utilizing only my body weight as resistance.

The white PVC Parallettes you see were homemade, by me…and anyone who knows me knows I’m no handyman.  Metro City Guy is more like it…and in the interest of full disclosure there were moments when I was sawing through the PVC that I thought it might be easier to pay someone to do it.  But if I can do it, then you sure can.  Instructions can be found here.

The gymnastics rings you see are Elite Rings and are available for purchase here.  If this is something you’re interested in its a sound investment.  The number of exercises possible on the rings (and some of them only possible on the rings) are almost limitless, they’re light and portable, and can be quickly set up just about anywhere.

Note, I’m not a gymnast and have no formal training in that area, I’m simply a fitness enthusiast who dabbles.  None of what I’ve demonstrated in the video above is meant to instruct or to be taken as an example of proper technique.  I’ll be the first to say my technique could use a lot of work, but that’s the whole point of exercise isn’t it?  Self improvement?


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