Girevoy Sport

GS Update – 12/1/09

So I’m a couple days late in posting these results but I gave the Biathlon a go using the competition bells at 12 KG last tuesday, 12/1.  I succeeded in one goal and missed with the other.

Double KB Jerks:  38 reps in 7 minutes w/ 12 kg Pro Grade bells

Single KB Snatches:  45+45 snatches in roughly 6 minutes

I always figured the snatches would be the harder of the two events to complete using the regulation bells, but I was incorrect.  While the snatches certainly weren’t a walk in the park, I also wasn’t at my physical limit.  I could have pushed myself to complete another few reps on either hand.

The Jerks, on the other hand, were extremely difficult.  The jerks themselves are not the problem, but rather, the rack.  I feel as though the since the Pro Grade bells are physically larger they have more of a tendency to draw my arms out to the side.  Its imperceptible at first, but at the end of the set I felt like I could no longer maintain the bells in the rack without dropping them.

I recorded both attempts and will try to post the videos in the near future.  I feel as though I can push through next attempt and make both goals!


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