Girevoy Sport

Girevoy Sport Success!!!

Well, today I’ve managed to reach the goal I’ve been working towards:  achieving the necessary reps to qualify for Rank IV in the World Kettlebell Club!

I gave it a serious try last Tuesday and took note of where I failed.  I completed the Snatch portion for the first time ever by actually increasing my cadence and spending less time resting in the lockout position.  While its important to be able to rest using proper physical structure, I don’t think I was pushing my system hard enough, and relying too much on resting so I stayed 100% fresh the entire time.  The “rest” positions in GS are not really restful in the strictest sense of the word, and I would run out of gas before completion of the set.

So this time around I applied the same concept to my Jerk set.  I actually increased the reps per minute to a much higher cadence in order to minimize the time I spent resting in the rack position.  I managed the following (jerks first, 30 minute rest, and then snatches):

Jerk: 50 reps in 5:40 w/ 12kg KBs

Snatch: 45+47 in 4:39

Check out the videos I’ve embedded below, and let me know what you think.  What can I improve on?


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