Physical Culture

Medical Qigong Lecture + Heavy Squat/Press Day

This week has been fairly interesting.  I started out the week with a lecture on Medical Qigong.  For those unfamiliar with Qigong, info can be found here.  My interest in physical culture extends beyond just muscle mass and strength, but to full physical functionality and wellness, so healthful practices such as Qigong, Tai Chi, and Yoga naturally attract my attention.  I’ve never spent too much time studying these arts, but its something I know I should take a greater interest in this now when I’m young.

The lecture was interesting and hands-on, but limited in scope due to time constraints.  Even as concise as it was, there was still far too much info to truly understand and memorize the various movements we were shown.  Some of the breathing and posture concepts were interesting and I may take  a look at attending a few more guided sessions in the future.

Day 2 of my mass-building goal was on Friday, and on the slate for the day were several sets of heavy squats and heavy presses, both on barbells.  I never barbell squat, so I wasn’t expecting too much, but I was fairly disappointed with my performance.  Pressing felt very strong, which isn’t surprising given the emphasis on overhead pressing I have in kettlebell training.  I definitely have a lot of runway for improvement in both of these movements.

BB Squat:  3 x 5 w/ 185 lbs

Overhead BB Press:  5 x 5 w/ 115 lbs

I felt strong on the Squats and I feel as though my poundage will fly up as I become better acquainted with the movement.  I also had plenty of runway on the BB presses and could have probably completed the lift with 5-10 lbs more on the bar.

I’ve established tentative poundage goals to go along with the goal of five lbs bodyweight increase.  These are:

Squat: 2x BW

Overhead Press: 1x BW

Deadlift:  2.5x BW

If I can surpass these goals, fantastic…but this is the level of barbell strength that I’d like to achieve and what I’m shooting for.  Stay tuned for progress!


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