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Quick Training Update – 12/14

I don’t want to get into the habit of posting my workouts here too often because I don’t want the info to get monotonous or clutter up the blog, but I figured I’d talk about today’s workout to cover all the bases of what I’m doing for the next month and a half (at least).

If you’ve read my earlier posts you know I’m aiming to pack on some functional muscle, with a goal of 5 lbs in 1.5 months.  My training revolves around the big movements:  the deadlift, barbell overhead press, and barbell squat.  I’m going big and heavy on all of these in order to force my body to respond.  I do these workouts at the St. Petersburg Punch Kettlebell Gym, so on the third workout of the week, which I do at my home gym, I try to hit the movements that aren’t as emphasized by my trainer.  I decided to use this third day to work on bench press, pullups, curls (yes curls, what?!?!?), the posterior deltoid, and core.

I’m not as concerned with these movements as they aren’t benchmarks of my program, so I’m not going to establish any goals I’m driving towards, but rather seek to improve each workout.  Rep scheme wise, I”m concentrating less on exact reps and sets and more on achieving 25 reps with heavy weight.  This approach was inspired by the T-Muscle article here, which I came across on Keith Norris’ excellent blog here.

As to what exactly I did, here it is:

  • Dumbbell Bench press
  • Bottom-to-Top Cable Flyes
  • Gironda Sternum Pullups
  • Hammer Curls
  • Bent Dumbbell Row (posterior delt)
  • Core

I’ve linked for more info on the Gironda pullup movement.  The site has a lot of info, also brought to my attention by Keith’s blog.

Afterwords, I refueled with an attempt at a Primal protein shake.  Whey Protein is derived from milk, and I have no faith in the quality of the milk used to isolate the protein.  I’m attempting to find a good substitute for my previously favorite shake listed here.  This recipe became difficult given that I am attempting to cut out both milk and whey from my diet.  I’ve decided to try Rice Protein.  Right off the bat you might say, “Jerry, Rice is not Primal, and any attempt to separate protein from the carbohydrate in rice defines this as an extremely processed food.”  You’re right…its a compromise.  So I blended the following together:

  • Chocolate Rice Protein (1 tbsp)
  • Raw Cacao Nibs
  • 10 oz Coconut Milk
  • 2 tbsp Almond Butter
  • Cinammon

This came out pretty tasty, but I think some fine tuning is possible…its definitely low glycemic but it also packs a ton of calories.  I don’t usually worry about overall caloric intake whatsoever, but I’m afraid this shake is just going to be absurd…I haven’t even attempted to count it up yet.


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