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Cult of the Caveman

I’m a huge proponent of the Paleolithic/Primal/Caveman Diet.  The principal reason for my adherence to this diet is that I’ve had amazing results with it, and I’ve found it extremely easy to implement.  Since making the switch, I’ve effortlessly lost bodyfat, maintained a steady energy level each day, and have been able to eat meals freely without worrying about counting calories or adhering to some artificial idea of how many kcals I should take in and from where.

Cutting refined sugars and grains from my diet and focusing on whole sources of healthy fats naturally turns the standard food pyramid on its end, with the majority of your actual calories coming from fat, then protein, and finally, carbs.  Turning away from the preponderance of carbohydrates (especially refined sources) keeps my insulin levels low, and my body insulin-sensitive and un-inflamed.  Beyond just the reduction in carbs, the diet causes you to think about what’s going into your body.  The standard American diet is refined carbs.  If you don’t believe me, try to go out right now and grab a quick convenient meal and not consume refined carbs, to say nothing of hormone-infused, unhealthy meats.  You’ll find the pickings fairly slim…

If you’ll notice, I haven’t made any mention at all of cave life or the caveman.  My reasons for following this diet are based on science, reason, and the success I’ve personally experienced through “try-storming” the approach.  Try-storming is what happens when you stop sitting around brainstorming and put theory into practice.  My purpose in writing this post is to point out what the Paleo Diet is not about.  It’s not a mystical quasi-religion worthy of proselytizing about.  I feel comfortable in saying that most Paleo-people are well balanced and open-minded, but I want to warn against the propensity of people to organize into cliques who view their way as the only way for everyone.  This tendency is widespread and to a certain extent is human nature.  Bodybuilders vs. Crossfitters, RKC Kettlebell folks vs. AKC Kettlebell folks, Conservatives vs. Liberals, etc.

To a certain extent this is good because it means people are passionate about what they’re doing, which is much better than apathy.  Also, I feel that the tendency to proselytize is based on genuine concern for whats best for others, and is therefore born of a noble sentiment.  Part of helping others see what’s best for them though, is allowing them to see what’s best for them.  In other words, if you truly believe in the veracity of the message you’re preaching, you shouldn’t have to ram it down your audience’s throats.  Present people with the facts, with respect for their own intelligence, and let them draw their own conclusions.  What is most important is that people lead healthy lives supported by healthy diets, and although the Paleo approach is my favorite, its not the only valid approach.  The point of this post is to remind readers to temper their concern for the diets of others with respect for their intelligence and ability to make choices appropriate for their lives.

Any opinions/additions welcome!


3 thoughts on “Cult of the Caveman

  1. Good one Jerry.

    I also started for reasons of science (anti-inflammatory). I’ve now embraced the caveman, as I’m a very simple guy and truly embrace simplicity. Over the years I’ve dreamt about becoming a Mt. man.

    Simplifying my life has made me appreciate little things much more, and as a result, I’m much happier. I’m not longer trying to keep up with the Joneses.

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