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Quick Training Update

So I’m just about to hit the hay and try to get some sleep, but I thought I’d send out a short training update/progress report.  I’m staying around 135-136ish on the scale.  I’m hoping to see it stick more solidly at 136 next week, but my weight does tend to fluctuate a lbs or two either way.

I’m happy to report I seem to have either maintained or perhaps gained a little definition even after gaining 3-4 lbs.  I’m not sure if the 3-4 lbs is visually apparent…I like to think it is,  but who knows, haha.  Now as for strength gains, I’ve been fairly consistent and have been able to add pounds to all of my lifts each week.  The only lift I’m kind of stalling in is the deadlift.  If I can’t do anything new with that one next week I’m going to attack it from a different angle.  I’m considering working on heavy partials.

Latest Numbers on Big Lifts

  • Deadlift – 275 x 1 is the highest I’ve done in a few weeks.  Previously I successfully pulled 295 for a single, but I’m doing a lot more in the “work up” to the heavy single now so maybe its not so suprising 295 would be tough now.
  • Squat – 235 x 5 was what I finished off with last squat day.  This lift is weak for me and I’m still perfecting my technique.  I’m concentrating on keeping the weight on my heels and keeping my form as perfect as possible.
  • Military Press – 135 x 3 is still my best effort.  My sticking point is the bottom portion of the motion getting it off my chest.  I don’t use any leg drive at all in this movement.

I’m not really worried about max strength in the benchpress, at least for this “mesocycle” (appropriating a sports periodization term which perhaps doesn’t apply to a layman like me), so on my “bench day” I just go for volume.  Other than the “big lifts” listed above, all other bodyparts are trained in the 6 x 6 system with minimal rest between sets, in the style of Vince Gironda.  I currently rest 30 seconds between each exercise.  Some of Vince’s very well conditioned athletes rested as little as 15 seconds between sets, but I think I’ll stick with 30 for now.

My diet has been hardcore.  I’ve been very on point with my nutrition, eating as much as possible but keeping it 100% Primal.  Primal eating has allowed me to gain the weight I have with no fat gain, and recovery between workouts seems just fine even without the sharp spike in insulin post-workout that the muscle-mags say you need.  Your results may vary.


6 thoughts on “Quick Training Update

  1. With your diligence and consistency both in and out of the gym, it’s no question why you keep getting stronger; and feeling good, too!

    With regard to the deadlifts, I’ve found Oly Lifts to have a boosting affect on my numbers.

    Keep on inspiring and sharing!

    Be Well,

    -Maximillian Barry, CPT

    • Hey Max,

      Thanks for the kind words! Yeah if I still feel weak in the lift next week I’ll have to reevaluate, but Oly Lifts are just plain fun, so I’d love to incorporate them.

  2. I just came across your blog and I’m eager to read more. I am getting my body fat down to 10% (currently 13%) and then I plan to continue eating Primal while gaining Mass. I think I’m going to go along with Sisson’s suggestions of using 5 X 5, so I’m eager to hear and see how you do, how much you’re eating, what you’re eating, etc. Keep posting-I look forward to seeing your progress!

    • Thanks for the comment! I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog and I hope it continues to be useful for you once I get back into the swing of things.

      I’m about to make an entire blogpost dedicated to my recent findings, etc, so you should see it all soon enough.

      I’ll touch on rep-ranges, caloric intake, etc.

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