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IBB Progress Report

It’s been quite some time since my last post, but I’m resolving to not let the weeks get away from me quite so much in the future.  I’ve now put two phases of the I, Bodybuilder program behind me and am about to start on Phase 3 – Legs.

The program is immensely satisfying and fun.  Who doesn’t enjoy explosively hoisting heavy weights around?  And most people prefer a brief intense workout rather than a longer but less intense one.

Each phase of the program can be followed for 2-6 weeks, with six weeks being the absolute max.  I spent three weeks in the Shoulder specialization and two in the Back specialization.  I’ve noticed a good degree of improvement in my shoulder development, which has always been a weak point of mine.  As far as the back goes, its hard to tell since I can’t just look at my back in the mirror.  I think it has progressed nicely though.  Bodyweight wise my gains have not been so extraordinary.  I began this program at roughly 140 lbs and am now about 141-142 after five weeks.  It does make some sense though.  I spent three weeks focusing on my shoulders while reducing the workload on the rest of the body (the definition of a specialization).  Its tough to add pounds of weight on your shoulders so even if I’ve experienced some hypertrophy it might not register dramatically on the scale.

On Monday I’ll begin the Leg phase, and my legs have always been super skinny.  I’ll more than likely spend a full four weeks on this phase in an effort to bring them up.  The thing about intense leg work is that it stimulates testosterone production and has a positive effect on muscle mass all over the body.  Putting a focus on leg development brings about results throughout the body.

Overall I have enjoyed this program a lot, and I’m going to follow through and finish out all of its phases, but I believe once I’m done I’ll return to a more traditional volume-based approach.  Based on my results from my previous split I think my body responds better to this, and anyway I enjoy having control over what I do and when.  Really, physical fitness programs should be extremely tailored since so many factors affect the individual.  How can a program designed for the masses be perfect for you?

Note the shoulder development. It's not much but better than it was!

My back has definitely progressed, along with biceps and posterior deltoids


2 thoughts on “IBB Progress Report

  1. Hey Jerry!
    Just a little note to tell you that I have been following your blog for a while and like you Im a paleo/primal convert who loves kettlebells and heavy weightlifting .I think your writings are very articulate and inspirational with intelligent research behind them.I apprciate your hard work and mindfulness..keep up the good work!!

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