Physical Culture

Arm Day

Its always tough to get super excited for an arms-only workout, but I have skinny string-like arms so I probably could benefit from the focus.

For this 3-5 rep heavy week I’ve been focusing on bigger movements, as you’ve probably noticed, so I carried the trend forward into arm day as much as possible.  I also began with biceps because I have small biceps and they could benefit from the intensity I can bring at the beginning of a workout.

Lastly, I was born with an extreme limited range of motion in my right arm.  I can’t rotate my right arm so that the palm is facing the ceiling.  Therefore I can’t do pullups with the palm facing me, and I cannot do any of the curls most people can.  I’m actually limited to only hammer curls and reverse curls.  I do what I can with what I have though.

Incline Bench Hammer Curls – Letting your arms hang down while sitting on an incline bench gives the biceps a nice stretch and a nice long ROM.

Standing Reverse Barbell Curls – This is self-explanatory, but I really concentrate on feeling the biceps.  My left wrist tends to give out on this exercise and is usually a limiting factor.

Cable Curl – I do these curls with a rope attachment on the cable.  This is basically another hammer-curl type movement.

Close-grip Bench – Great mass builder for the triceps and I enjoy going heavy on this.  I go a little inside shoulder width…going super narrow on the grip can hurt your wrist.  Concentrate on keeping your elbows in.

Seated Dip Machine – This is the first time I’ve used this device.  Its fun to really load up on the weight, but I definitely feel like my chest is taking up some of the slack.  Also, weighing 147 lbs right now, when I load the machine up with 190 lbs its tough to keep myself in the seat and concentrate on pressing it down.  But I did enjoy this movement.

Dumbbell Overhead Extension – This is an old favorite but I usually don’t do it this heavy.  This movement helps target the long head of the tricep which is a weak part of the muscle for me.

Decline Sit-up with twists to either side – This was done with bodyweight and for high reps, unlike all the other movements.  I noticed I was pressing my shins up against the support, and using my legs to pull myself up and to help on the eccentric portion of the movement.  Instead I refused to press against my shins and instead concentrated on curling my legs around the support instead.  This turned  the movement into a sort-of Janda Sit-up, which deactivates the hip flexor and helps focus the stress on the abdominals.  I couldn’t do as many reps, but arguably the reps were more valuable.

Legs tomorrow!  Get excited!!!


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