Physical Culture

Leg Day!

This workout took place on Friday but I wasn’t able to get online until now.  I always dread leg day because its so arduous, but I also eagerly anticipate the results.  Neglecting leg training is one of the biggest mistakes new trainees make.  Even if you just want to lose some fat and tighten up, keep in mind the legs contain the largest muscles in the human body.  When drained of glycogen by strenuous exercise thats quite a bit of glucose that won’t be available to be stored as a spare tire!

Sumo Deadlift – I put this exercise first because it takes a lot out of you but its so valuable I want to be able to really give it my all.  This is great for the entire posterior chain.

Leg Curl Lying/Sitting – I did each of these for 3-5 sets each just to hit the hamstring from  a slightly different angle.

Bulgarian Split SquatThis exercise is a fantastic single leg exercise!  I chose this over the barbell squat because my lower back was already taxed heavily in the Sumo Deadlift and would have become a limiting factor way before my legs did.

Step Up – A good trick to keep from shoving off with the planted foot is to concentrate on keeping only your heel on the ground on the planted foot and keeping your toes pointed up.  Try it, I guarantee the exercise will become 70% harder.  I was shoving off with the planted foot without realizing it.

Leg Press – Now that my legs are nice and tired, its a good time to go to the Leg Press because the sleds predefined ROM lets me concentrate on just pressing instead of trying to keep a certain plane of motion.  Don’t cheat yourself on this exercise…I see too many people load tons of weight on the sled and only lower it a quarter of the way at most.  Use less weight and do a full deep range of motion.  There is no such thing as a Leg Press Competition, so there’s no point in trying to win?

Standing and Seated Calf Raises – Same as earlier in the week.

This was the last day in the C.A.M.P. Max Strength phase.  I’ll be going on to two weeks of a more moderate weight and higher reps for the next two weeks.  I’ll be blogging all about it, so please stay tuned!


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