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Chest and Delt Day – Phase 2

Phase 2 of the CAMP training system has you increasing the reps and working with more moderate loads for two weeks on the same training split.  I’m going to switch up all the exercises to keep everything fresh.

The gentleman featured in the picture to the left is Serge Nubret, a competitor who matched up with Arnold back in the good old days.  He had pretty amazing chest development so I figured it was fitting, just as Tom Platz was fitting for the previous leg day post.

I’ve had great success with a 12-10-8-12 rep scheme in the past, so I decided to go with a 10-8-6-10 rep scheme for the next two weeks.  This gives me some volume but lets me handle heavier weights.  To go into greater detail, I will pyramid up in weight, while reducing the number of reps each set.  I’ll start with the lightest weight and try to do 8-10 reps (choosing a weight that I can’t do 11 reps with of course).  Then I’ll rest a minute, choose a heavier weight and shoot for 6-8 reps, then a heavier weight for 4-6 reps, and then finally I choose the same weight I started with or less and go for one last set of 8-10 to flood the muscle with blood and really get that good pump going.

Here are the exercises I chose and why:

Incline DB Press – No one ever has an overdeveloped upper chest area.  In fact, this is the area usually underdeveloped leading to droopy saggy pecs.  Therefore, I give upper chest exercises the first priority.  While I’m fresh I can handle heavy dumbbells and don’t have the danger of them falling out of “the groove” and screwing up the exercise.

Flat Bench Flyes – I did these this week, but my lack of range of motion in one arm makes this super awkward for me and I didn’t like the way my shoulder felt in the stretched position due to the hammer-grip I had to keep on the DBs.  Next week I’ll switch the to Pec Deck Fly Machine.  I stuck an isolation motion here in order to keep the triceps fresh.

Incline Chest Press Machine – Again hitting the upper chest.  At this point my chest is tired and my triceps have been fatigued so its nice to have that predefined track on the machine so I can just concentrate on pushing out reps.

Military Press – Switching gears to the Delts, this is a bread and butter exercise.  The barbell military press or dumbbell shoulder press should always be a staple of your shoulder workout.  Its tough after tiring out my triceps earlier, but its also a satisfying movement for some reason.  This hits all three heads of the shoulder (front, side, rear) to a certain extent.

Incline Bench Lateral Raise – This is a new one, but really helps you feel the weight on your delts.  Its a fantastic movement I’d recommend everyone try.  It looks a little like the illustration below, but I positioned myself on an adjustable bench set to roughly 45 degrees like I was doing an incline bench, but my knees were on the seat and my side was against the backrest.  Use light dumbbells and focus on feeling the delt.  Don’t muscle up huge weights and end up using your traps, etc.  This movement targets the side delt primarily.

Barbell Upright Row – On this movement I keep a shoulder width or wider grip on the bar.  Many people hold the barbell with a really narrow grip, but I feel like your traps take over the movement really quickly that way.  Try it yourself and see what I mean.  With a wider grip and keeping my elbows high, I raise and lower the weight in a controlled manner, keeping the stress in the side delt.  Also, I don’t wrap my thumb around the bar and concentrate on my hands being hooks and my arms being ropes.  This is an exercise for the deltoid, not for the biceps, etc.

You’ll note I didn’t do anything for front delt.  I feel its activated plenty with the chest workout I did just before shoulders, so I’m not going to program anything in.

Hanging Leg Raises – I hang from the pullup bar on this one and really lift my legs high with a controlled and non-jerky motion.  I cut the exercise off when I feel like I’m using every other muscle but my stomach to lift my legs.  You’ll know when this happens because you’ll notice you’re curling up with your lats and hip flexors instead of smoothly rising up.  For this one I do straight sets of however many I can do that day.  When I can get 3 x 20 I’ll probably add weight.

And thats all for now…I got out and started recovering.


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