Physical Culture

Back + Rear Delt Day – Phase 2

I hit my Back today and felt pretty strong on all lifts.  I actually feel like I may not have given 100% and I’ll be looking at potentially adding in a little more next week.  One of the things about this program is I only have next week to improve on these lifts and then the week after that I’m supersetting, doing strip sets, and rest pausing.  More on that later…

I think I need to work on my back’s overall width more than thickness at this point, although it could ALL use an increase.  Also, rear deltoids is thrown in here instead of yesterday, because rowing motions usually recruit the rear deltoid anyway, so its a good place to add it.  The rear deltoid is often neglected and its a shame because it really makes your back look great.

Once again, everything is 10-8-6-10 reps.

Wide Grip Pull-Ups – I love pull-ups and will always try to include them in my back workouts.  I never cheat on these…I go all the way down into a dead hang and all the way up till my chin clears the bar.

Dumbbell Row – I do these up against the dumbbell rack so my back is a little more than horizontal.  I really concentrate mentally on feeling this in my back so I don’t just use my biceps.

Hammer Pull Downs – I did these this week, but on second thought I may do wide grip cable pulldowns next week instead.  I do like this machine though because the weight tracks at almost a 45 degree angle in…it kind of splits the difference between a horizontal and a pulling movement.

Cable Rear Delt Raise – I do this one side at a time.  Grab the handle of a low cable and hinge at the waste so your chest is facing the floor.  Walk out from the weight stack a bit so theres tension on the cable and then simply perform rear delt raises like you would with a DB.  The cable makes the movement slightly different, putting pressure on the rear delt for the entire ROM regardless of gravity.

Dumbbell Rear Delt Raise – I do this with two dumbbells at the same time and I do it seated on a bench and folded over so my chest and stomach is touching my legs.  I feel like this helps me resist the urge to rock my upper body to get the weights up.  I go super light on this and concentrate on using my rear delts only and not using my rhomboids to muscle the weight up.  Also, instead of raising the weight with my palms facing the ground like usual, I rotate my wrists so my palms are facing behind me.  I feel it better this way, I think.

Standing/Seated Calves – Just like normal.  Doing higher reps and lower weight, and I’ll switch it up for lower reps and higher weight on the second calf day of the week.


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