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Arm Day: Phase 2

Arms are such small body parts but this workout for some reason takes a lot out of me.  My arms have always been scrawny, and I think its because for the majority of my training-lifetime I’ve neglected direct arm work.  I’m trying to make up for lost time now, and its slow going!  Also, as mentioned before, my limited range of motion in my right arm makes me unable to convention curls with the palm facing up.  I’m limited to only doing hammer curls and reverse curls, but I try to do them from a variety of angles, etc.

The pic to the left is of Sergio Oliva, Mr Olympia in the late 60s.  His arms were amazing, especially his forearms.  For an example of someone with amazing bodybuilding genetics one need look no farther.

On to the exercises.  I worked out biceps first since they’re lagging, all reps were 10-8-6-10 (except abs), and rest times were 1 minute or less.

Incline DB Curl – As mentioned before, I like the stretch in this movement.  I went light and concentrated on feeling each rep and maintaining super strict form.

Reverse Curl – I did this as a drag curl, an exercise popularized by the late Vince Gironda, who I’m a huge fan of.  Keeping the bar in contact with the body at all times, you really feel the stress in the biceps the whole time.

Cable Curl – Once again, with the rope attachment just like in the previous phase.

Close Grip Bench – I love this movement, and won’t spend too much time on it since I went into detail last phase.

Incline Skullcrusher/Pullover – This hybrid movement is done on an incline bench and involves lowering the the bar behind your head and then extending.  This is great for the long head of the triceps.  I’ve attached a video of me doing the movement below.  You’ll note that I look pretty scrawny, so I’ll have to post another pic below to make up for it. 😉  Note, interestingly enough I’m too short to do this movement while sitting on the incline bench so I had to just lean against it while standing, haha.

Decline DB Triceps Extension – This is like a skullcrusher with dumbells, except I’m at a decline and my palms are facing each other so I’m using a hammer or pistol grip.  I like this movement to finish off with.

Decline Sit-ups – As before, done on a decline bench Janda-style.

Here is a progress pic I took recently of my back.  The forward-facing iPhone 4 camera is making all kinds of things possible!


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