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Dieting, HIT, and so on

Casey Viator

I’ve been steadily plugging away at the HIT workouts for over a month now.  What I haven’t mentioned is that I’ve also been at a caloric deficit this entire time.  During my previous attempt at putting on weight, I let myself stray a little too far from the straight and narrow in terms of diet in an attempt to get more caloric intake.  I think, hindsight being 20/20, that I was overdoing it both in calories and in carbohydrates and junk calories.  I put on quite a bit of fat along with a good amount of muscle, and for several weeks now I’ve been dieting down in  hopes to recapture the lean look I had last all of last year, albeit with a bit more mass.

For the most part its gone swimmingly, although I’m not entirely ripped to shreds just yet.  My approach to diet has been a rather relaxed one.  I tend to under-eat so instead of artificially imposing some strict limit on calories, I’ve been eating strictly paleo and no longer counting my calories.  I’d estimate I eat anywhere from 1800-2000 calories a day with perhaps a little fluctuation outside of these bounds.  On top of this, I’ve stayed in the gym to convince my body that all the muscle I put on is needed.  The idea being that my body will choose to strip away fat while maintaining lean body mass.  This has gone fairly well..I’ve lost roughly 5 lbs while getting stronger on all of my lifts.  Mass gain has slowed to crawl (more on that later) but thats to be expected on a caloric deficit.

In the last month the only appreciable difference (other than a general trend of reduction in waist circumference) has been an increase of 1″ to my shoulders, bringing my measurements to the following:

Height:  5’5

Weight:  145 lbs

Shoulders: 46.5”

Chest: 41″

Arms: 13.5″

Thighs:  21.5″

Calves: 13″

Forearms:  10.5″

Casey Butt has an has an amazing website with calculators that predict your maximum non-drug assisted muscular potential.  With my info plugged in I receive the following max potential, assuming 10% bodyfat:


Chest: 45.3 in Biceps: 16.4 in
Forearms: 12.9 in Neck: 16.2 in
Thighs: 25 in Calves: 16.5 in



As you can see, I have quite a bit of untapped potential.  And I mean to tap it…

Once my family cruise in early November is over I’ll be once again working towards more mass, this time with a more patient, sensible approach, and an all HIT workout program.  I’ll be documenting my progress on this site.  Its important to have solid measurable goals to work  towards and Casey’s website has provided me with them.


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